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Mainstreaming Leave No One Behind

To strengthen national governments and local urban institutions to center LNOB, specifically disability inclusion, in national policies and programmes to facilitate evidence-based localization of national policies and SDGs 11 & 6 in urban areas.

Project Countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

Through this project, the inclusion of persons with disabilities and other marginalised groups will be strengthened in fundamental sectors of urban development, under SDG 11 – Sustainable Cities and Communities for integrated urban development and a SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation, which gives impetus to an important sectoral challenge in South Asia countries.

The project draws on the collective expertise of UN-Habitat, UNESCAP and UN-OICT to use the convening power for addressing the complex, cross-sectoral challenges facing South Asian urban policy makers aiming to mainstream inclusive, safe concepts into urban policy and planning frameworks by engaging national, sub-national and local governments. To this end, a regional knowledge partnership forum will be established to develop innovative policy toolkits, best-practice approaches, collect urban data and conduct city analyses. Existing partnerships will be used to enhance linkages with national and subnational government entities to ensure that knowledge translates into tangible urban policy action.

The following are the main outcomes or accomplishments expected:

1. Strengthened regional network of governments and local urban institutions to promote and mainstream LNOB in urban development agenda, specifically SDGs 11 & 6.

2. Improved enabling environment within countries to align national policies and instruments to meet LN0OB goals with focus on safety, inclusiveness and access for the disabled in SDGs 11 & 6.

3. Self-sustainable local government capacity for stronger vertical integration and reiterative feedback loop to national policies/frameworks through evidence-based monitoring of impact at local level.

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