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Festival of Places 2022 Place Stories 2.0

Indian cities and towns have intriguing multi layered shared social spaces that are experienced in unique ways by each individual. Sometimes embraced, sometimes rejected, yet promising a new experience and possibility every time an individual steps into the space as they go about their daily chores. One very important user group in public spaces are children whose presence is increasingly getting blurred in contemporary public spaces. From the age of a toddler to becoming an adolescent their relationship with their immediate surroundings is constantly changing as they increasingly become independent. The public realm shapes the character and personalities of these young individuals in many ways but the important question is are public spaces in Indian cities and towns sensitive to their needs, are they inclusive? The theme chosen for the Festival of Places 2022 Place Stories 2.0 is ‘Making Cities Inclusive-Exploring Children’s Place in Public Spaces’.

The festival is an excellent opportunity to explore and ideate on how public spaces in our cities and towns can be made more inclusive by being sensitive to the needs of children an extremely vulnerable user group. Participatory planning and design are critical tools to achieving these goals and the festival aims to promote the idea as well as intends to create opportunities for both storytellers and attendees to be part of a participatory ideation process.

Registration date for Festival of Places 2022 Place Stories 2.0 has been extended till 15th September, 2022. Last date for sending Submissions remains the same i.e 6th October, 2022. For more details, visit:



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