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Young Gamechangers Initiative (YGI)

YGI seeks to improve the health and well-being of young people in intermediary cities in India, Senegal and Colombia

The Young Gamechangers Initiative (YGI) program targets youth, local communities and priority groups, national governments, local authorities, researchers, community and grass-root organizations. An attempt to reformulate the social contract between young people and their societies, YGI seeks to empower the youth to co-design and co-produce public spaces and to ensure their meaningful participation in governance. The project is led by UN-Habitat in collaboration with Block by Block Foundation and being implemented with a range of private and public partners including the World Health Organization (WHO), local governments in the selected cities, Eva Studios, Microsoft and local youth-led organizations.

The city of Jatni in Odisha was selected through an open call for implementation of YGI in India. UN-Habitat India has collaborated with the Government of Odisha and Jatni Municipality to create a scalable template that can produce young gamechangers across the country.

The following are the outcomes expected to be accomplished:

1. Cities have strengthened governance frameworks to advance health and well-being of young people.
2. Young people are empowered with voice and agency and have the right digital skills to engage in governance.
3. Local authorities are delivering public spaces that are safe, accessible and that promotes health and well-being for young people.

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